Customs consultancy profession, which exists in Turkish commercial life and performs customs declaration of the customers since 1909, today includes the 85% of all the transactions performed in all Administrations of the Customs throughout Turkey. Customs brokers can give written opinion about any subject related to foreign trade and customs clearance and can serve as arbitrator, expert, etc.

Our company is established to provide the best of services mentioned above. In the conditions of the globalizing world, it aims at providing service to use its experience and knowledge efficiently through our new-established company with all means and equipments by considering the fact how important time and cost are in the services of customs consultancy as they are in all the branches of the service sector.

                        AKC Customs Consultancy has been established on the purpose of providing a fast and contemporary customs clearance service to its customers within the scope of the responsibilities that the law and the regulations confer, with its team adopting customer satisfaction and with its last technological equipment.                  


  1. Always prioritizing demands of the customers
  2. The feeling of unity with our customers, suppliers and employees
  3. Obeying the laws and legal regulations scrupulously and making no compromises about this
  4. Productive use of technology
  5. Not abandoning the mutual confidence in our commercial and social relations, superior professional ethics and principle of honest behavior.

Making detailed preliminary preparation of customs laws and legislations that our customers need while producing customs services and making preliminary examination of cost and legislations to the taxpayers in the transactions of export and import; in short, providing a lodestar with the preliminary analysis is our phase starting work. 

Apart from the customs legislation works and cost works we performed, with the customs system to which we are connected online and also with our experience in transport sector, controlling the parallel consistency of analysis we perform for our customer during the operations is our second principle. 

To give true and fast responds of the transactions of which analysis and control we perform is our establishment philosophy.